capacity of

850 pallets


“YUMIS” – Nis, Serbia

YUMIS DOO from Nis was established in 1991 as a private company. The main activity is the production of soups, spices, puddings, creams, teas, peanuts, additives for the baking industry, and many other products. Yumis next 20 years to develop its sales network and achieved results significantly expanding business. Today, many groups Yumis products occupy a significant share in the domestic and foreign markets.


“KOZMETIK PLUS” – Nis, Serbia

Benlian Foods Ltd was formed in 2001 with its headquarters in Niš, Southern Serbia. We’re specialized in production and distribution of food products.
In the beginning we were only involved in import and distribution of various types of rice, like “biser” and “rizzi”, as well as locally produced indigenous sort of beans “tetovac”.


“NELLI D.O.O” – Loznica, Serbia

NELLI D.O.O, was founded in Loznica on 01.09.2007. Financing is made out of our own means. We started with production officially on 01.09.2007. The owner of the enterprise is young and perspective, following up market trends and most of all the quality of products. The factory has its own formed, succesful team and their engagement showed until now very good results in a short period of time.


“Žitoprerada DM” – Novi Becej, Serbia

Žitoprerada DM d.o.o is a confectionary factory founded in 2010. in Novi Becej as well as  its products branded like “Blago bisernog ostrva”, thereby  the child’s dream of  lost treasure to be found, turned into reality. Although we have been existing for only five years, our products are applied  with three decades of knowledge and experience. Making the products with high quality just for, we managed  to rapidly gain your trust and we are very proud of it.


“Si Commercial 7 LTD” – Samokov, Bulgaria

Si Commercial 7 LTD was founded in 1991 in Sofia. Samokov. Since then the company has proven itself as a leading import, distribution, logistics and FMCG company. The company has a highly skilled sales team, which over the years has successfully built and maintains an effective distribution network throughout the country. Si Commercial 7  LTD imports and imposes on Bulgarian products of leading foreign companies, such as: Dr.Gerard, Mieszko, Vobro, Master Chocolatier.


“Diavena” – Bulgaria

Diavena is the first private owned fish canning company in Bulgaria. The company has nearly three decades of experience in satisfying the most demanding taste and needs of its customers. The food safety and the quality of our products is our main goal that is the reason why we are certified under ISO 9001:2008, HACCP, and IFS. Thanks to our long term partners we can monitor and obtain top quality from the fishing vessel, through the storage and production, until the basket of the end client.


“ASGROUP” – Tesanj, Bosnia and Herzegovina

AS GROUP is one of the largest groups of Bosnian majority private capital. AS GROUP owns and develops into three divisions: food, retail and textiles. The headquarters is in Tesanj, the municipality of which is as many as 13 private companies among the 100 largest in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


“Prest” – Serbia

PREST is a company that distributes confectionery products on the territory of the Republic of Serbia. It was founded in 2006. In the first years, the business was based on the distribution of Hissar and Pionir products for the territory of southeastern Serbia. Shortly afterwards, we started distributing the products of other confectionery companies operating in Serbia.