“MIN-EKS”, Definitely the Cheapest!

“MIN-EKS” LTD exists in our market since 1995. The core business of our company is supply of products in wholesale and supply of products in retail . In the retail segment “MIN-EKS” LTD has 12 markets that are very active and cover a good deal of retail space locally.

MIN-EKS has developed a solid distribution network throughout the Republic of Macedonia. The headquarters of the company is in Kavadarci, which is the central territory of the Republic of Macedonia which enables fast and economical distribution to any point.

The company is continually making efforts to improve distribution quality by expanding distribution network, rolling stock renewal, investing in human factors as well as the introduction of aggressive marketing tools.

We aim to maintain professional collaboration with our partners . The imperative of the company is to protect the interests of our customers, business partners and employees.

An important element of a firm’s development is adapting to market trends , market needs and implementation of required standards.