As a Successful Brand DOOEL “MIN-EKS” exists in our market since 1995 . The core business of our company is supply of products in wholesale and supply of products in retail .

In the wholesale part we work on importing products from the programs of YUMIS, Nis, Serbia – a company that deals with production of soups, spices, puddings, teas, whipped cream and more.

Our goal is to maintain professional cooperation with our partners. The imperative of the company is to protect the interests of our customers, business partners and employees. An important element of a firm’s development is adapting to market trends, market needs and implementing the required standards.

The choice of a wide range of products makes MIN-EK one of the best retail chains in Kavadarci. Each market represents its own organizational unit that provides the best service in terms of working conditions, making consumers rely daily on the top quality for which numerous recommendations have been received in the past.

And the intensity of our work is confirmed by our associates and they see MIN-EX as a chance to break into the market by offering their products at low prices by building a strong partnership with us and ours. Consumers, which constantly build mutual trust.

The inhumaneity of the HR department in both the retail and wholesale departments assists in the realization of the MIN-EKS affinities and plans as well as the loyal partners and customers. The ability to meet work commitments in time to deliver any service or product is the key to continued success.

The synchronized actions implemented by MIN-EKS in the region of its operation lead to the occasional effects of philanthropy making us socially responsible and accepted by our consumers and thus seeking help. both in Macedonia and in the neighboring countries.